Club Penguin Stamp Adder

By Ben29682

Welcome to the Club Penguin Stamp Adder page. In this page, we will provide you a program that allows you to add Club Penguin Stamps to your penguin account. Club Penguin Stamps are like achievements on Club Penguin with games, parties, and activities.  With this, you can add almost 200 stamps on your penguin in just under 5 minutes.

Before using our Club Penguin Stamp Adder, you must be notified that by using our Stamp Adder, this will by means automatically understand our adders terms of use. Meaning that we have no responsibility on what your penguin is to be done with from Club Penguin.

Club Penguin Stamp Adder

Questions & Answers

As you know, there will be many questions asked about our Club Penguin Stamp Adder. Here are some of the most asked questions answered.

Q: Will this add all Club Penguin Stamps?

A: No it will not. Our Stamp Adder will add about 95% of all Club Penguin Stamps

Q: Will this ban my penguin?

A: Yes, it will if Club Penguin finds out you have more stamps than usual. Players could also report you as cheating which will ban. But using our adders means we have no responsibility on what Club Penguin does to your account.

Q:  Do I have to become a member to get all stamps in this adder?

A: Right now, the member stamps will not be released in a few more days.

Club Penguin Stamp Adder Club Penguin Stamp Adder

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