Club Penguin Furniture Adder

By Ben29682

Welcome to our Club Penguin Furniture Adder page. In this page, we will give you our own program which allows you to add any furniture you want on in game. With this, you can add all Club Penguin Furniture Items all the way back when furniture was introduced to Club Penguin.

Before using our Club Penguin Furniture Adder, you must agree with our Terms & Conditions. By using our this Furniture Adder, you will automatically agree with our terms and conditions even if you have not read it. This by means defines that we have no responsibility on what Club Penguin does to your account.

Club Penguin Furniture Adder

Question & Answers

As usual, there will be questions asked about our Furniture Adder. Without replying back to back, we have decided to add them here of the most asked.

Q: Will this add furniture to my igloo if I am a non-member?

A: It does not. You must have paid membership in order to put furniture in your igloo

Q: Will it ban my penguin?

A: There is a low chance of your penguin of getting banned. Just make sure to keep your igloos closed.

Q: How does this furniture adder work?

A: You must have a certain amount of coins to buy furniture. If you have no coins, it will have errors and the furniture will not add. Try using our Money Maker to get tons of coins.

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