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By Ben29682

Welcome to our Club Penguin Money Maker page! In this page, we will give you a money maker which will add Club Penguin Coins without playing games on Club Penguin. With this, you can add as much as 4,000 coins to your Club Penguin Account in just as little in 2 minutes. There is a certain limit of adding coins of 4,000. Once it is done, you can keep adding 4,000 coins to your penguin.

Before you use our Club Penguin Money Maker, you must agree with out terms & conditions with our money maker. By using our money maker, we have no responsibility on what Club Penguin does to your account.

NOTE: Read the Terms & Conditions before using the money maker

Club Penguin Money Maker

Club Penguin Coins Code 300x276 Club Penguin Money Maker

Club Penguin Money Maker

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Questions & Answers

Right here, we have answered the questions that most are asking.

Q: Will this ban my penguin?

A: Sadly, it is possible for your penguin to be banned for using our money maker. This only happens if someone reports you on Club Penguin,  Club Penguin noticing you gaining a large amount of coins in a small time, or Club Penguin reviewing you account.

Q: Can it get my penguin 1 million coins?

A: Yes, we have added this feature to the money maker that no other has add. You can add up to one million coins within seconds. Be aware this is a higher risk of being banned.

Q: The money maker isn’t working! What do you do? icon sad Club Penguin Money Maker

A: To not worry, the money maker does not work at most times. Try to make sure your penguin is not logged onto Club Penguin when it is generating the money.

Q: The money maker is stuck at 0 seconds!

A: Just wait a few more seconds. If nothing pops up, then refresh the page

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Club Penguin Money Maker