Club Penguin Item Adder

Welcome to the Club Penguin Adder Page. In this page, we will provide you a item adder which adds Club Penguin Items to your penguin. With this adder, do have to do no such work to get this item other than adding it with our Item Adder in just a simple click of an add.

To ensure by using our Club Penguin Item Adder, you must agrees with the consequences of what this does to your penguin. By meaning of using our Club Penguin Item Adder, this automatically understands our adders terms & conditions. By means of this, we have no responsibility on what this does to your Club Penguin Account.

Club Penguin Item Adder

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Questions & Answers

Of course, many questions will be asked about this item adder, so we decided to answer some of the top questions.

Q: Can this adder add every item on Club Penguin?

A: Unfortunately, it does not. Club Penguin has patched up most items meaning if you add them, you will get banned. We have added items that are claimable. Items go from 2009 till present.

Q: Will this add member items to my account even when I am not a non-member?

A: No it will not, you need membership in order to add member items

Q: Will this ban my penguin?

A: There is a slight chance your penguin might be banned. Just make sure you do not use this adder all the time and wear it. This will highly make your penguin safe.

Q: What does this Club Penguin Adder have that Penguin Lodge and don’t?

A: As you may know, both those sites have Club Penguin Adders. What we have is more Club Penguin Adders they don’t. We say that our adder is the most safest and reliable and is costly a rare chance of getting your penguin banned.

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